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Heathrow airport worst for passport queues

[February 13th 2009]

Heathrow airport has been voted worst for queues at passport control and waiting time at baggage reclaim but one of the best for security.

In the online survey of more than 2,250 travellers by travel community website, Heathrow airport was voted the major international airport with the longest passport queues. New York JFK airport was voted second worst, followed by Los Angeles International.

On the flip side, the international airports with the shortest queues at passport control were Amsterdam Schiphol, Singapore Changi and Frankfurt International.

More reassuring news is that Heathrow was voted to have the second most thorough airport security after New York JFK, with Frankfurt International in third. Heathrow was also named the second most likely airport to have your bags searched, again after New York JFK, with Los Angeles International in third.

Heathrow has had well documented problems with lost bags, and in the survey it was also named the major international airport with the longest wait for bags and most likely to damage bags. In both categories, New York JFK and Los Angeles International were second and third.

“The results of this survey may be pretty damning in terms of Heathrow’s reputation for passenger service but I guess all travellers would agree security is much more important. In this respect Heathrow can be proud to be considered among the best in the world,” comments joint founder and joint CEO, Jerome Touze.

The USA may have an international reputation for the warmth of its hospitality but it seems that its airports are not the most welcoming in the world. The USA was voted to have the rudest passport control officials (followed by India and Russia), the most complicated passport control registration form, and the most complicated customs declaration form.

“Our survey would suggest that the US customs and immigration need to address their attitude towards visitors, simplify the form filling, generally be a lot more welcoming and better reflect the personality of the American people,” says Touze.

The UK fared well in the friendliest passport control category, coming second behind Australia, with Canada in third.

Written by: Nick Purdom

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