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Flight from Beijing crash lands at Heathrow

January 17, 2008

Heathrow airport's southern runway was closed after an emergency landing of a British Airways aircraft today at 12.42.

All Passengers on BA038 from Beijing are safe after a dramatic escape using the plane's emergency chutes.

There were 136 passengers on board with just three people suffering minor injuries. Passengers were evacuated immediately and taken to Heathrow airport's reception centre.

British Airways chief executive Willie Walsh said: "We are very proud of the way our crew safely evacuated all 136 passengers on board with only three minor injuries."
There were three flight crew and 13 cabin crew on board.
A telephone helpline has been set up for anyone concerned about friends or relatives on 0800 389 4193.

Heathrow Airport's southern runway was closed immediately after the incident for a period of less than 2hrs and the airport operated single runway operation during that period. The southern runway re-opened for departing aircraft at 14:30 with arriving aircraft landing on the northern runway.

BAA, who operate Heathrow airport advise passengers flying from Heathrow today to contact their airline regarding the status of their flight.

Written by: Helen Gillilan

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