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New system for Heathrow airport parking

A new system will be introduced at Terminal Five next year that will improve the parking facilities at Heathrow airport.

The airport parking arrangement at Heathrow is set to improve next year with the introduction of new technology to help travellers find their cars.

Drivers arriving at the airport will have their numberplate scanned and be given an individual ticket before being directed to the nearest available space.

Upon their return, car owners will place their ticket in a machine that will direct them to the exact location of their car, removing the hassle of having to search through the car park.

The technology, developed by Siemens, will be introduced at Heathrow's Terminal Five when the new facility opens in March next year, the Daily Mail reports.

Hugh Fenn, spokesman for airports operator BAA, said: "Talking to our customers, the things they have found really important are the speed of finding a space and locating their car when they get back.

"Understandably they want to do that quickly. This technology is able to ensure people do that because it knows where their numberplate is parked."

The system is also expected to have environmental benefits by reducing the amount of time it takes drivers to find a space when they arrive at the airport.