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Minister: Heathrow passengers deserve better

Transport secretary Ruth Kelly has released a report highlighting where Heathrow passengers' journeys can be improved and said that travellers 'deserve better' in many areas.

Heathrow airport passengers deserve a better service than they are currently being offered, according to transport secretary Ruth Kelly, who has published a study on the areas of the travel experience than can be improved.

The Department for Transport's (DfT) research analysed all stages of plane journeys, from leaving home to arrival at one's destination, and found a number of areas where improvements can be made.

Ms Kelly said that it is not only flight durations that influence the length of journeys, but also the time taken to travel to the airport, time spent in queues before boarding flights and any delays to plane departures.

The transport secretary said that the study will help to improve journeys for passengers and also assist Heathrow in maintaining its "competitive edge" in global aviation.

She added: "BAA are making significant investments to expand capacity at Heathrow, for example with Terminal Five opening next March, and this will have a major impact on the passenger experience.

"And in the longer term, the construction of Crossrail will significantly reduce journey times to and from the airport for many."