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Manchester airport reduces carbon emissions

[February 16th 2009]

Manchester airport has become the first UK airport to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standard for its carbon management.

The Carbon Trust Standard certifies that an organisation has genuinely reduced its carbon footprint and is committed to making further reductions. Manchester airport becomes one of just 66 organisations that have so far met the stringent assessment criteria.

“The Standard is a way of demonstrating to stakeholders that you are doing what you claim and that real reductions in carbon dioxide are being made,” explains Manchester airport managing director, Andrew Cornish.

Manchester airport and the three other airports that make up the Manchester Airports Group – East Midlands, Bournemouth and Humberside – all have a carbon neutral commitment. MAG says it will be the first airport group in the UK to reach its carbon neutral commitment by 2015.

Cornish says that reducing carbon emissions also makes good business sense. “The money saved from energy efficiency measures feeds back into the business and reduces our operating costs, which is very important in a highly competitive industry like ours, where we are under increasing pressure to lower charges to our customers,” Cornish comments.

“As we currently face a tough economic period, this is particularly important because it enables the airport to meet its environmental commitments, whilst continuing to be a driver of investment for the North West region,” he adds.

General manager of the Carbon Trust Standard, Harry Morrison, says: “Being certified with the Carbon Trust Standard is proof an organisation has taken genuine action to reduce their direct impact on climate change by cutting carbon emissions. We congratulate Manchester airport on this achievement”.

"Both businesses and consumers share a desire for one, credible way to prove an organisation has not only measured, but actually reduced their carbon emissions year-on-year without the use of offsetting. The Carbon Trust Standard provides this credibility and we encourage more organisations to follow Manchester airport in making this commitment," Morrison concludes.

Written by: Nick Purdom