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Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic has been named best airline at the inaugural Holiday Extras Customers' Awards, receiving the recognition of the 18,000 UK travellers who passed judgement on some of the biggest names in the travel industry.

One of the world's leading passenger airlines, Virgin Atlantic has been dominating the skies since being founded in 1984 by Sir Richard Branson. In the quarter-of-a-century that has followed, Branson's vision of an affordable, high-quality airline has come to fruition, with its multi-million pound turnover an indication of both Branson's business acumen and the popularity of the airline.

Operating flight routes between the UK and North America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Australia and more, Virgin Atlantic boasts one of the industry's best reputations. Countless awards emphasise the high esteem in which the company is held by customers and industry insiders alike, while the steady increase of routes represents the airline's own determination to offer more for its customers.

Paul Charles, director of communications at Virgin Atlantic, said: "We're thrilled to bits that we've been chosen as best airline. Twenty-five years after we first flew, we're still pioneering and offering travellers the best experience in the air. Thank you to all those who voted for us - we're still red hot."