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Best Airport Car Park

Heathrow terminal 4 Business Parking

Tell me about Heathrow terminal 4 Business Parking

Park in the Business Parking car park at Heathrow terminal 4 and you'll be at the terminal five minutes later. The joint closest car park to the terminal is just three minutes from check-in, and with buses every one to two minutes, there's no anxious waiting around. Above all, our customers praise the quick and prompt transfers in the feedback they give us.

What makes Heathrow terminal 4 Business Parking special?

Heathrow Business Parking holds not only the Park Mark security award but the AA Police Gold Award too. It's manned 24 hours a day, regularly patrolled, and protected by CCTV, barriers, a fence and lighting. Its ANPR system lets you in by recognising your number plate.

The car park also has extra wide bays, so it's easier for customers to load and unload their luggage.

What do our customers say about Heathrow terminal 4 Business Parking?

"Perfect - I was on the road home before some of my fellow travelling colleagues had even claimed their baggage!"
Mr Beaton, May, 2011

"Could not have been better - no delays and a very smooth process"
Mr Golding, June, 2011

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