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Glasgow airport invests in airport parking

Glasgow airport has created a new covered drop off and pick up zone in the main airport car park, directly opposite the airport terminal.

The new airport parking area has been created on the ground floor of the multi-storey airport car park at Glasgow airport at a cost of £150,000. Following the terrorist attack on Glasgow airport last June, motorists had had to use the drop off zone at St Andrew’s Drive and then face a fairly lengthy walk with hand luggage and hold baggage to the terminal.

“The drop off zone on St Andrew’s Drive has served us well since the attack, and we have invested heavily to improve passenger facilities along this route. However, we fully understand that passengers want to pick up and drop off as close to the terminal as security constraints allow,” says Glasgow airport MD, Gordon Dewar.

Around 60 cars will be able to use the drop off zone at any time, but waiting is restricted to 10 minutes and premium fines apply if vehicles stay any longer. Motorists will still be able to use St Andrew’s Drive as a drop off zone, but anyone intending to stay longer than 10 minutes should use the short stay airport car parks 1, 2 or 3.

Airport operator BAA is spending £1.5 million resurfacing the forecourt area at Glasgow airport, creating separate lanes for buses and taxes and wider pavements for passengers.

“The security of our passengers is our number one priority, and we will spend whatever it takes to ensure their safety. Our new plans for the forecourt will deliver improved customer service, and increased security,” says Dewar.

Major structural repairs are also being carried out at Glasgow airport as well as a £30 million terminal extension. “We would ask that passengers bear with us while we carry out these necessary improvements,” pleads Dewar.

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