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Wild Junket named best travel blog!

Nellie Huang and Alberto Molero are the inspired duo behind this blog.

Where's Wild Junket from?

Nellie's origins are in Singapore, while Alberto is from Spain.

What's the story?

Passionate about independent travel, outdoor adventures, languages and food, Nellie and Alberto created their travel blog Wild Junket in 2008.

Discussing travel news, special tips or hotel reviews, the Wild Junket is sure to take you to exciting places.

Where's Wild Junket been?

More recent blogs see Wild Junket travelling to Asia with updates on the first impressions of North Korea and hotel reviews in Myanmar.

Readers can also find themselves travelling from one side of the world to the other in a single blog. From Brazil to Iceland, to view spectacular waterfalls, or from Spain to Australia to attend wacky festivals, Wild Junket keeps you enthralled every step of the way.

Who follows this blog?

Wild Junket has nearly 4,000 likes in Facebook and over 24,000 followers on Twitter, and has featured as one of the 10 stand-out travel bloggers by First Choice. Wild Junket publishes their own magazine and their Winter 2012/13 issue is now available.

With the combination of a professional travel writer and editor, Nellie, and successful photographer and web designer, Alberto, the blog has captured many followers. Nellie and Alberto also welcome guest bloggers and have regular writers to add and share their travel experiences.