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Who's the voice behind Wanderplex?

The Wanderplex blog has been running for just over a year and is written and edited by writer Reena Ganga.

Where's Wanderplex from?

Reena was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and now she's based in Chicago.

What's the story?

Reena's Wanderplex blog content is divided into five areas: Travel Tips, Destinations, Gear Guide, Photo of the Week and Round-the-Web. Detailed information and pictures allow readers to explore the exceptional places that Reena has visited. She aims to show that travel dreams can easily become a reality, providing many tips and pointers, from how to make ancient ruins seem more interesting, to nine ways to protect your home from theft while you’re on vacation.

Reena shares the hottest travel links across the net on her ‘Round-the-Web’ page, as well as uploading any helpful travel gadgets under the Wanderplex ‘Gear Guide’.

Where's Wanderplex been?

Visiting around 50 countries on six continents, Reena's covered a lot of the world during her travels but, to use her own words, "it’s not the number of countries that really matters, it’s the experiences that count."

Who follows this blog?

With such a variety of helpful travel information, it’s no wonder that Reena has managed to gain nearly 3,000 followers on Twitter and over 350 likes on Facebook in just one year.