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Spunky girl monologues

Who's the voice behind Spunkygirl Monologues?

Pamela McNaughtan is the solo traveller who has put together this blog.

What's the story?

In search of quirky sights and different local experiences, travel writer Pamela set up her blog, Spunkygirl Monologues in September 2010 to share her adventures.

Where's Spunkygirl Monologues been?

Pamela has visited many fascinating places including: Bangkok, Penang, Colombo and Canada. The travel map available on the Spunkygirl Monologues website allows readers to easily keep track of Pamela’s whereabouts, her current location as well as previous destinations.

2012 is crazy for the Spunkygirl Monologues blog, as Pamela takes part in the epic adventure of the Mongol Rally. Currently in Paris, Pamela travels around Europe driving from Prague to Czech Republic to Ulaanbataar and then lastly Mongolia. With continuous blog updates readers can follow Pamela on her Mongol Rally experience, with the first of many blogs starting with Pamela learning to drive a manual car. This will later be put to the test as her journey will see her drive through mountains and deserts amongst other tough tracks.

Who follows this blog?

A further 332 sites are linked into the Spunkygirl Monologues blog and with more than 900 likes on Facebook and nearly 5,000 followers on Twitter, it’s safe to say that this lady's blog is very popular with many travel enthusiasts.