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On a Junket

Who's the voice behind On A Junket?

Mike is the editor of the blog, On A Junket. He comments and posts interesting travel information regularly, but he also has a number of contributors to his site.

Where's On A Junket from?

On A Junket's contributors come from all over, to offer the best travel advice possible.

What's the story?

On A Junket is a blog made up of eclectic travel stories by experienced travel writers who hope to inspire others to seek new adventures and write their own stories.

With Mike and the other explorers sharing tales from their journeys, followers will find themselves reading about the most breathtaking places around the world.

On A Junket is really easy to navigate too, with blogs divided into destinations and continents visited, so you can easily find the spot that you want to research.

Where has On A Junket been?

On a Junket has got under the skin of Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Oceania and Europe, to name just a few.

More recent blogs include ‘A night in Inglewood, United States’ and ‘The Road to Dahab - Jerusalem to Egypt’.

Who follows this blog?

On a Junket has more than 500 followers on Twitter and over 200 likes on Facebook.

You can also access the ‘Travel by photos’ or ‘Travel by video’ pages where writers share various videos and photos with each other and their readers.