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K & K Adventures

Who's the voice behind K & K Adventures?

British couple, Kieran and Karin, set up their K & K Adventure blog at the beginning of this year.

Where are K & K Adventures from?

Yes, they're a pair of Brits, but they recently moved to Canada before inspiration took hold, and K & K Adventures began.

What's the story?

The blog encourages readers to explore the wonders of Canada as well as other luxury destinations couples can enjoy on a budget.

Advice is also given to those contemplating moving to Canada with articles including: ‘Finding a Job in Canada and Tips for finding Work’.

Where have K & K Adventures been?

Since the move, Karin and Kieran have already visited Ontario parks and wildlife and Niagara Falls. Tales about areas of Toronto are also among the blogs posts they have uploaded. Alongside their move and settling into new surroundings, Karin and Kieran have still had time to visit:

  • South East Asia
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Australia

Who follows this blog?

In just six months K & K Adventures have received over 600 followers on Twitter and 50 likes on Facebook.