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Most Inspirational Travel Film

Roman Holiday

Director: William Wyler
Screenplay: Dalton Trumbo
Producer: Michael Todd
Distributor: Paramount Pictures
UK release: 1953

Roman Holiday: what's the story?

A classic romantic comedy, Roman Holiday follows sheltered Princess Anne, Audrey Hepburn, on a much publicised European tour. Once in Rome, she starts to rebel against her royal commitments, escapes her guardians, falls asleep on a park bench and is rescued by handsome American reporter Joe Bradley, played by the dashing Gregory Peck.
Joe offers Anne his couch for the night and is unaware of his damsel's true identity but when he goes to work the following day he realises that she is the famous princess who has just missed a press conference. Seeing his advantage, Joe makes a bet that he can get an exclusive interview with her.
One thing leads to another; and after a whirlwind romp of a romance in Rome, the two are finally tracked down that evening, at a dance on a boat. They escape but as love grows the princess sees sense and returns to the embassy swiftly followed by a news conference, where Joe comes clean about his identity and forgoes his exclusive, and she returns to her real life...alone.

Who's in Roman Holiday?
Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn and Eddie Albert, plus Margaret Rawlings as Countess Vereberg.

Where's Roman Holiday set?
In and around Rome the couple visited the famous Roman tourist spots: Boca della Verita - the Mouth of Truth which is situated in the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, The Spanish Steps, Palazzo Brancaccio and the Sala Grande Galleria in the grand palace, Palazzo Colonna.

What awards has Roman Holiday won?
The film won three Oscars: Best Actress in a Leading Role for Audrey Hepburn, Best Costume Design, Black-and-White for Edith Head and Best Writing, Motion Picture Story, Dalton Trumbo. Roman Holiday was nominated for seven more Oscars, including Best Director. The film also won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Actress - Drama for Audrey Hepburn.

What do the reviews say about Roman Holiday?
Film website Rotten Tomatoes featured critic, Almar Haflidason, BBC, said: "The mix of silly comedy and innocent love turns the viewer into a willing tourist." A.H. Weiler, New York Times wrote: "Mr. Wyler and his associates have fashioned a natural, tender, and amusing yarn about the heiress to the throne of a mythical kingdom who is sick unto death of an unending schedule of speeches, greetings, and interviews attendant on her goodwill tour..."