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Most Inspirational Travel Film

Shirley Valentine named most inspirational travel film!

A new category for 2011, Most Inspirational Travel Film is an award designed to showcase the movies that make us want to reach for the stars, as well as our suitcases.

So what makes a film inspire you to pack your bags or change your life? It's certainly more than a bit of pretty scenery, as this list of 14 top travel flicks demonstrates.

A need to escape, life-changing experiences, self-discovery, stunning locations, big stories, idyllic or aspirational lifestyles, adventure, intrigue, romance, delicious food, and sexy characters from interesting places …these are all great ingredients for starters.

So settle down with a big tub of popcorn, feel the thrill of possibility, and take a sneaky peak at the trailers for this collection of cinematic greats.

Votes were open to the general public as well as customers and they have decided that Shirley Valentine is the most inspirational travel film for 2011. View the full shortlist below: