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Best Airline


Tell me about Emirates

Relatively young in comparison to its competitors, Emirates' inaugural flight left Dubai in 1985. Owned by the Dubai government, the carrier has experienced significant growth since then. A starting fleet of two planes has grown rapidly into 153, with a service to 100 destinations across 66 countries. Emirates’ future intentions were outlined through record orders for aircrafts worth US$15 billion almost a decade ago.

What makes Emirates special?

As part of the wider Emirates Group, the airline divisions’ commitment to providing the highest quality of service places them amongst the market leaders in the industry. New global routes are planned for 2011 and 2012, extending the carrier's already impressive portfolio and increasing their global influence.

Has Emirates won any other awards?

Emirates’ list of awards is as impressive as it is long. In 2009 alone, the carrier was awarded Best Airline of the Year from three separate sources, alongside awards for Best Website, Best First Class Cabin and Best Inflight Entertainment. During 2010 the Dubai airline earned four more awards including a Gold Annual Air Cargo Excellence Award.