Best Airline

Aer Lingus

Tell me about Aer Lingus

Founded in 1936 by the Irish government, Aer Lingus offers a low-cost, low-fare model to the benefit of the customer. The carrier provides a single economy class on all short-haul flights, with a business class available when flying long-haul. The Irish airline flies to and from nearly 70 destinations across Europe and the US with a fleet of 41 planes, with further aircrafts expected in 2014.

What makes Aer Lingus special?

Aer Lingus' 'no-frills' model provides the lowest cost to the customer, with add-ons available if requested. A 2008 partnership with JetBlue Airlines allows for easy single reservation booking of flights from Ireland to various US airports. And to help them excel further, alliances and partnerships with airlines across Europe and North America provide more services whilst improving connectivity across the North Atlantic.

Has Aer Lingus won any other awards?

Over the last few years, the carrier has scooped numerous awards for excelling in a variety of operations. It was crowned airline of the year at the International Sales Person of the Year awards in 2009 and the Holiday Extras Customers' Awards 2010; most recommended airline for travellers with babies and most recommended airline for travelling in groups at the Holiday Extras Customers' Awards 2009; as well as best short-haul airline and best long-haul airline by the Irish Consumer Travel Awards.