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Best Airline for Disabled Travellers

British Airways

Tell me about British Airways

As one of the world’s most renowned premier airlines, British Airways enjoys a sterling reputation as a full service global airline which operates an extensive route network. British Airways flies to nearly 600 destinations around the world.

What does British Airways do for its disabled passengers?

British Airways prides itself on impeccable customer service and its aircraft offer plenty of facilities to reflect this. On-board wheelchairs are available on all flights over five hours long, and all Boeing 747 planes benefit from adapted toilets, specially suited to disabled passengers. British Airways also takes individual customer’s requirements into account, so that they can provide a personal service and ensure each guest is completely at ease.

Passengers with visual and hearing impairments can be escorted to and from the aircraft, and British Airways can offer individual safety briefings and assistance during your flight. What’s more, certified guide dogs travel free of charge.

Has British Airways won any other awards?

Plenty. British Airways has won a vast number of awards including the Brandon Hall Bronze Award for their ability to provide medical assistance during flights.