Bear Grylls

It’s the thrill of facing extreme challenges head on that pushes renowned adventurer Bear Grylls to the limits on his travels. Survival is the name of his game and it is his excellence in the field that continues to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

A household name thanks to his television and literary works, Bear entered public consciousness when he became the youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest, aged just 23. He had set his sights on conquering the might peak while fighting back from an accident which crushed three vertebrae, leaving him just a fraction from paralysis.

Bear’s passion for the great outdoors is now shared on TV with more than one billion people in 150 countries. His hugely successful Channel 4 series Born Survivor proved the perfect vehicle on which to demonstrate his resourcefulness in the face of adversity. More television appearances followed, along with the publication of three bestselling books and a series of children’s adventure survival guides.

Worst Case Scenario – premiering on the Discovery Channel this spring – will see Bear once again demonstrate his hands-on techniques for staying alive in life and death situations. Expect step-by-step instructions on how to tackle such perils as a shark attack, escaping from a fire in a high-rise building or how to evacuate a sinking car.

In addition to his career in front of the camera, Bear’s charitable expeditions have included circumnavigating the UK on a personal watercraft, rowing naked for 22 miles up the Thames in a homemade bathtub, crossing the Arctic Ocean unassisted in a rigid inflatable boat and paramotoring over Angel Falls in Venezuela. With double amputee Al Hodgson, he set a world record for the longest continuous indoor freefall of just over 1 hour 36 minutes.