Best Airline for Value for Money

Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines, the world's fifth largest airline, has been named third in the Best Airline for Value for Money category at the Customers' Awards 2010.

Founded in 1934 by Walter T. Varney and business partner Louis Mueller, Continental Airlines has been operating for over 75 years. Formerly under the name Varney Speed Lines, its first flight was on July 15, 1934 from Colorado to El Paso. It now operates an extensive 133 domestic and 132 international routes including Algeria, Belgium, Cape Verde, Egypt, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Slovakia, Turkey and many more.

"Very good value for money - cheap yet service first rate."

From starting out as a small airline so many years ago, to now employing more than 43,300 staff, Continental Airlines has grown hugely and continues to be one of the world's most popular and trusted airlines. In 2009, it was named top airline on Fortune magazine's annual airline industry list of World's Most Admired Companies - a testament to its hard work and business sense.

"High standards are what we are all about." It's a company that puts safety and service at the top of the list, but still offers unbeatable value to its customers. Carrying roughly 67 million passengers each year between its regional partners, it's clear to see why Continental Airlines is a well-known company with an exceptional reputation.