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Cheap Airport Lounges booking with Holiday Extras

Airport lounges are ideal for relaxing and enjoying the time before your flight. The airport lounges provide a quiet sanctuary away from the busy, noisy and crowded airport. When you book an airport lounge you will benefit from a calm and peaceful atmosphere for the hours prior to your flight. You can also take advantage of the complimentary snacks and drinks (excluding champagne) all included in the great value Holiday Extras® price.

    Book your airport lounge today to benefit from...

  • A relaxing lounge environment
  • Complimentary Snacks
  • Complimentary Drinks (excl. champagne)
  • Free newspapers and magazines
  • Internet access/wireless internet facilities*
  • Showers*
  • Television*

Frequently Asked Questions about Booking an Airport Lounge

Are airport executive lounges just for business people?

No. This is a common misconception because airport lounges are often called executive lounges or business class lounges. In fact, airport lounges are ideal for both business and leisure travellers. When you book into an airport lounge you will benefit from a relaxing atmosphere prior to flying, whether that be for business or pleasure.

Executive lounges sound expensive, aren't they a bit extravagant?

No. Surprisingly airport lounges cost from just £13.50 per person so although they may be a luxury, they're an affordable luxury. Airport lounges are great as a special treat to start your holiday in style - it's always nice to be a little extravagant on holiday and with Holiday Extras great airport lounge prices you can afford to treat yourself!

What is included when I book an airport lounge?

All airport lounges include complimentary snacks and drinks, excluding champagne. The majority of airport lounges also offer a combination of internet access, television, showers, newspapers& magazines and more. Some airport lounges, such as The Heathrow Holideck Lounge offer kids facilities including, video games and children's play tables.

Are alcoholic drinks included in the entry price?

Yes. Alcoholic beverages, hot drinks and soft drinks are included in the airport lounge entry price. The only drink for which a supplement is charged is champagne.

Are children allowed in airport lounges?

Children are allowed in certain airport lounges. The individual airport lounges set their own policies on whether or not children are allowed, from what age and for what price. Read the information given on your chosen airport lounge information page. If you have any further questions on this, or any other matter, please contact us.

Is there a dress code in airport lounges?

Yes. The majority of airport lounges ask guests to observe a smart/casual dress code. Further details on the dress code of specific lounges is given on the specific airport lounge information page.

Are airport lounges smoking/non-smoking?

Airport lounges in the UK are non-smoking environments although many airport lounges do have smoking areas. To find out if the airport lounge you are interested in has a smoking area please see the relevant airport lounge information page.

How do I book an airport lounge?

You can book airport lounges on-line with Holiday Extras in just a few easy steps. To book an airport lounge, simply enter your requirements in the 'airport lounges ' booking form at the top of this page.

Holiday Extras offer airport lounges at all major UK airports. Our range of airport lounges include:

Holiday Extras also provide discount airport lounges at smaller, regional airports such as:

Items marked with a * may not be available at all airport lounges