Airport VIP lounges

Airport lounges have previously always been for those special customers traveling first class and business class and certainly not available to everyone. Now is the time for change!

Airport lounges are now available to all customers from just £13.50 per person per visit. This is simply a great price and allows you to sample the airport lounge life, everytime you fly!

Service in airport lounges across the country is second to none, all snacks and drinks are complimentary, that is all except champagne. Staff are only too willing to assist in any way they can during your time in an airport lounge.

How long can I stay I hear you say? Well, most lounges allow entry to the lounge from around three hours before your flight. There are certain restrictions with regards delays but these are specific to each airport lounge and the specific airport should be contacted individually with any queries you have on this.

Children are also welcome in many lounges, see our guide to child friendly lounges if in doubt. There are often reduced rates for those traveling with children wishing to use the lounges.