Heathrow Expansion Plans

Plans to expand Heathrow airport further after the opening of terminal five in 2008 were unveiled today - The expansion plans need to be firmed as certain elements of the proposed Heathrow airport expansion are, as yet, uncertain.

The Government are behind the plan in theory but stringent pollution standards will have to be met and the effects of noise levels will need to be gauged. The interim plan is to demolish up to 700 homes and to build a third runway and a terminal six.

Passenger numbers are set to increase rapidly at London's Heathrow Airport over the next decade and beyond. The management of Heathrow Airport, BAA, feel that the airport cannot afford to stand still without modernisation and expansion. The challenge for the company is to achieve the growth required with the minimum disruption to the environment and the communities around the Heathrow area. The draft plan will be under consultation until the end of October.