Threat to Birmingham airport expansion

[February 4th 2009]

Expansion plans for Birmingham International Airport may be abandoned in favour of Heathrow's third runway so that the Government can meet emission targets, says a new report.

In its latest study, the Campaign for Better Transport, an environmental group, claims that in order to avoid exceeding national climate change targets, regional airports like Birmingham will have to cut flights once Heathrow grows.

Plans for Birmingham airport included an extended runway which would triple passenger numbers from around nine million in 2006 to just over 27 million by 2030. A second runway was also planned for after 2030.

According to the Birmingham Post, Chief executive Paul Kehoe said:

"At a time when the Midlands economy is in great need of a boost, it would be madness if Birmingham was to suffer at the expense of Heathrow. The south-east is not the whole of the UK and the economic benefits of our plans have been shown to improve the fortunes of our local community."

Birmingham's expansion is supported by Solihull Council, who believe it could bring improvements to the local economy and roads: millions of passengers who currently travel to Heathrow for long-haul flights could fly out of the Midlands airport. The Government does not accept the CBT findings.

Watch the BBC report on this story.

Written by: Maxine Clarke

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