"New Sunshine.co.uk site drives extra volume for Holiday Extras"

January 14, 2010

car park

Independent online travel agent Sunshine.co.uk has seen airport parking sales soar in January 2010 following its latest Holiday Extras website integration.

Sunshine.co.uk Managing Director Chris Brown said “We continually aim to improve our booking process to give our customers the option to buy each of the core holiday elements.  Our basket functionality guides the customer through choosing their flight, hotel, transfer and now airport car parking.  In our successful low-cost model we can’t ignore the revenue that airport car parking can generate and, most importantly, our customers like it”.

David Lewis, business development manager at Holiday Extras, said “The Sunshine.co.uk airport parking integration follows an innovative process that differs from our other online partners.  The step-by-step approach to booking each holiday element is well structured and invites the customer consider airport parking with every sale. The conversion rate is stronger than we’re seeing in any other online model and is comparable to the 20% conversion achieved by our traditional retail travel agent partners.”

Over 50% of people drive their own car to the airport but many do not pre-book and take advantage of the best prices and savings of up to 60% offered by Holiday Extras.

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