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Bristol airport hotel upgrades

Never beaten on price
bristol airport hotel upgrades

Our Bristol airport hotel upgrades are a great way to make the start of your holiday an extra special occasion. If you're planning a relaxing night's stay at one of our Bristol airport hotels why not extend the stress-free experience right up until take-off with our exclusive upgrades.

What upgrades are available?

Our upgrades are designed to make your airport experience as relaxing as possible. Do away with the stress of airports by taking advantage of the following options:

Fast Track Security Channel: Why wait in line? This upgrade will see you breeze past the chaos of airport
queues and into the duty-free area in no time at all.

Bristol Servisair lounge: Once through security, escape the crowds to a secluded airport haven for up to
three hours before take-off. While you’re waiting enjoy a host of snacks, as well as complimentary hot,
cold and alcoholic drinks. The time until your departure will fly by in comfort thanks to the lounge’s selection
of complimentary newspapers and magazines.

Why pre-book an upgrade?

Booking in advance will often save you money and is the only way to ensure the use of services unavailable to those booking on departure day. It will also guarantee your place, giving you the peace of mind that you need to enjoy your journey. The Fast Track Security Channel can only be pre-booked before you leave for the airport. Similarly, pre-booking is the only way to ensure you get to indulge in the lounge’s services even at the busiest times. So book in advance to make sure you don’t miss out on these fantastic upgrades.

Top tip

It is always important to get to the airport early to leave yourself plenty of time before your flight. Take a look at our Bristol airport page, to find out what there is for you to do to while away the hours before your flight and save you waiting around being bored. There are plenty of cafe's, bars and eateries to keep yourself and your family occupied. Also, take a look at the baggage allowance at Bristol airport and make sure you know what is ok to pack so that you don't run into any problems at the airport.
Heading away from the airport and want to find out what things you can see and do? Check out our in and around Bristol airport page.