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Intercontinental Hotels Group

Intercontinental Hotels Group

Intercontinental Hotels Group

You wake up to the radio announcing long tailbacks on the motorway, it'd take at least an extra two hours from home to the airport. Then you remember that you're not at home, you're in your room in the Holiday Inn at the airport. You don't have to sit in motorway traffic, and best of all you can have another hour in bed. With Holiday Inns, Express by Holiday Inns and Crowne Plazas at all major UK airports (and some not-so-major ones), the Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) together with Holiday Extras® provide this kind of experience for thousands of people every year.

Guaranteed high standards and low prices are what everyone has come to expect from the Holiday Inn and its sister chain, the Express by Holiday Inn. Founded by Kemmons Wilson in 1952 the aim of the company has always been to provide low cost family rooms. Despite going through a number of ownership changes during its history, the Holiday Inn remains true to this original vision.

You're spoilt for choice when looking for an IHG airport hotel. We sell rooms at 14 different locations across the UK. If you're flying from Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, East Midlands, Gatwick, Glasgow, Heathrow, Liverpool, Luton, Manchester, Newcastle, Prestwick, Southampton or Stansted then look out for a Holiday Inn or Crowne Plaza for a great night's sleep before you fly away on holiday.

Holiday Extras is the UK market leader for airport hotels; we offer the best products, the best service and perhaps most important of all, fantastic prices. We helped over 5.3 million travellers get their holiday off to a great start last year, so why not let us help you? With our 25 years experience we know where the best hotels are for you and we're dedicated to getting your journey off to the perfect start.

Intercontinental Hotels Group

Why pre-book a stay at an IHG hotel with us?

  • Start your holiday relaxed, enjoy an extra hour in bed
  • You're just minutes from the airport, ready to transfer to check-in
  • Start your holiday in luxury in a Crowne Plaza
  • You can add a breakfast or dinner package to your booking through us
  • Hotel-with-parking prices are £15 cheaper than last year
  • Many IHG hotels will offer on-site parking together with your room

Top tip: Pre-book for the best price. Hotel prices are like airline prices; as availability decreases, prices will rise. Our cancellation waiver option means you can cancel at any time for only £2.49.

All about the Intercontinental Hotel Group's brands

Intercontinental airport hotels

Holiday Inn is probably the most instantly recognisable of all IHG's brands. The chain has always stood for quality at a price that's suitable for the average family. Holiday Inns have maintained high standards in their service and amenities throughout their long history. At Holiday Extras we provide rooms at the following airport Holiday Inns;

The Express by Holiday Inn chain is essentially a stripped down version of the Holiday Inn experience, but less expensive. Catering for the mid-priced market the Express by Holiday Inn leans towards practical and convenient and are ideal for business and short stays. We have rooms at the following Expresses;

The Crowne Plaza is a luxury chain that provide full service hotels catering for business travellers, conferences and anyone wanting to stay at the best rooms possible. If you're looking to start your holiday in the best surroundings then why not book a stay at a Crowne Plaza with us. We sell rooms at;