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Wine brought down by the Angels themselves

The real centrepiece of the Stansted Radisson Blu is its 13-metre tall wine tower. Each face is covered by a huge wine rack, in total housing 4,000 bottles of wine. Order yourself a bottle and one of the hotel’s stunning “Angels” will strap on a safety harness and acrobatically ascend the tower to fetch your choice down for you. Just please remember it would be impolite to change your mind when your Angel is half way up!

Dinner and a show

Angels Wine Tower Bar

  • Daytime menu: 10.30am to 6pm
  • Evening menu: 6pm to midnight
  • Evening drinks with acrobats: 6pm to 1am

If you’d prefer a beer or a cocktail, then just take your pick from the hotel’s extensive menu and the staff will bring it to your table. There’s also a daytime menu of bar food and snacks to choose from as well as an evening bar menu, all of which you can enjoy while you watch the bar Angels’ daring acrobatic display going on above your heads.

* Prices quoted are for stays on the 14-07-2024, valid as of 14-05-2024