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6 Of The Best Travel Pinterest Boards

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In pre-internet times, you might have had a 'holiday scrapbook': a hefty tome full of clippings and photos from your travels, brought out once or twice a year when pangs of wanderlust hit. But now we have Pinterest, and a whole new window on the world has been opened up. Crammed full of beautiful images of faraway places looking utterly flawless, it's hard to go a day without discovering a new destination you'd love to go and visit via someone's 'dream holidays' board.

In many ways, the site is starting to replace traditional brochures, as more and more travellers find their next must-visit spot via Pinterest. So how can you use it in every stage of planning your next trip? Read on for some of the best travel-related boards as chosen by Holiday Extras.

Best for travel tips

Travel tips Pinterest board

If you're looking for all-purpose practical advice, Lonely Planet's Travel Tips board is a fantastic resource. Updated regularly with the latest infographics, tips and articles on topics such as holiday finance, food packing, and how to avoid being scammed, it's definitely one to bookmark if you aspire to being a travel pro.

Best for your bucket list

Bucket list board on Pinterest

If you're planning a trip of a lifetime, or just want constant reminders of the beauty of the world we live in, the Places to visit before you die board is a lively group board contributed to by over a thousand pinners. There are no limits on the locations included in this board - they just have to be beautiful. In an average day you can expect to see images from France to Fiji, Canada to the Canaries and back again - so this is a great one to follow if you're wanting to be inspired.

Best for holiday inspiration

Travel quotes board on Pinterest.

For a bit of holiday inspiration and some non-cheesy quotes that will soon have you reaching for the 'pin it' button, we love Slow Chic's travel quotes board. The pins on this board don't just hit the spot with their clever copy, every one is also a beautifully designed piece of art in its own right. If you find one you love, it's worth running a quick search as many are taken from full-size posters you can buy online and use to brighten up your home.

Best for holiday fashion

Fashion board on Pinterest.

The Travelling Fashionably board by Leah Murray is a great place to check in before you pack your holiday suitcase. Full of ideas for capsule wardrobes and holiday must-haves, its content is curated from some of the most highly-regarded fashion blogs. We particularly love this pin, which shows how packing four different coloured bottom can multiply the number of possible outfits you'll have to wear when you arrive.

Best for photography

Travel photography boards on Pinterest

Some pinners are seriously selective about the calibre of photography they allow on to their Pinterest boards, and one such discerning user is Lauren Kilberg whose Desktop Destinations board is full of stylish and beautifully composed images that will make you want to grab your designer luggage and jet off on the next flight to New York, Tokyo or Hong Kong, camera in hand.

Best for foodies

Travel food board on Pinterest.

FooDiva's foodie travel is a board that will really whet your appetite for your next trip. Curated by award-winning restaurant reviewer and food blogger Samantha Wood, it features unusual delicacies from around the world, links to food-focused reviews and some fabulous photos taken on location.

Finally, if after all those visual delights you're still completely spoilt for choice on where to go, Pinterest can also help with picking a destination. The following list compiled by Mashable ranks the 30 most pinned places on Earth, so why not have a browse and let the Pinterest community decide? They certainly know a photogenic spot when they see one!

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Written by Abi Silvester, a London-based writer and editor with a passion for great food, fine wine, coffee and cats; always planning my next trip! Follow her on Twitter.