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Whether you're jetting off on holiday tomorrow, or you're just starting to think up a bucket list, it makes sense to keep up to date with all the travel news from around the world. Here we'll keep you updated on all the need-to-know to help you travel better, no matter the destination. From news on major flight disruptions, to How Brexit Will Affect Your Holiday, we'll make sure you're prepared for all eventualities.

We'll also keep you updated on all the latest travel news from us, including competitions, offers and lots of other ways we can help you travel better.

Check out the latest travel news

10 Things We Love About Brits

The people of Britain are a great bunch – we take a look at some of their best quirks.

23/05/2023 : Sean Odonovan

The top 10 most romantic UK airport hotels

Start your romantic holiday the right way with one of our romantic airport hotels

14/02/2023 : Richard Hubbard

What do UK airports taste like?

Gatwick airport tastes like a gorgeous slab of Milky Bar chocolate, and Luton tastes like Kia Ora

16/08/2022 : Sean Odonovan

Is Morocco safe?

Is Morocco safe? Check out our tips and the most recent travel advice before your Moroccan holiday.

28/10/2021 : Sean Odonovan

Hiring a Car Abroad with a DVLA Code

Renting a set of wheels for your holiday needn't be a hassle! Read our tops tips on what you need to hire a car abroad to help you travel better.

18/10/2021 : Sean Odonovan

Share Your Holiday Snaps

Make money sharing pictures and videos from your travels with Holiday Extras.

02/06/2021 : Sean Odonovan

Best Destinations For Seeing UFOs

July 2nd is world UFO day, so join us for a close encounter in these out-of-this-world destinations

21/05/2021 : Shirin Crew

Tips for Hiring a Car Abroad with a DVLA Code

Renting a set of wheels for your holiday needn't be a hassle! Read our tips on what you need to hire a car abroad to help you travel better.

14/05/2021 : Shirin Crew

How will Brexit affect your holiday?

Everything you need to know about travelling from the UK to the EU

06/05/2021 : Shirin Crew

Post-Brexit holidays in a simple one-page flowchart

With Brexit pushed back to January next year, check out how the latest delay affects your holiday plans

03/02/2020 : Grace Gupta
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We scour the globe to find better destinations for our Travel Guides to help you travel better. Let us help inspire your next trip as we visit the likes of Iceland, Venice, Florence and many more beautiful locations. Expect travel tips, hidden germs and local advice as we leave no stone unturned to help you get the most out of your holiday.


Want even more secrets to help you travel better? Take a gander at our Travel Tips section to find out how make the most of your trip. We'll reveal the Most Popular Holiday Destinations for Brits, How to Survive your First Holiday as a Couple and many other questions that you my have, to take the stress out of your holiday.

Better Travel Experiences

Here at Holiday Extras we also want to help you to have Better Travel Experiences. If you're curious about How to Travel Sustainably, or where the Best Places to Celebrate LGBT Pride Around the World are, we'll show you how to travel better and do some good along the way. We'll also keep you up to date on our work with the Travel Foundation and other charity partners.

Before You Go

Already booked your trip and want to know how to get the most out of travelling? Then head over to Before You Go; here we have all the hints and advice to give your holiday a better start. Inside you'll find guides on How to Cope with a Fear of Flying, How to Get the Best In-Flight Meals and How to Get Through Airport Security Fast, just to name a few.

Starting Your Holiday

Why not take a look at some of the ways we at Holiday Extras can help you travel better and take the stress out of your holiday? Here we'll reveal how you don't need to be rich and famous to enjoy the luxury of an airport lounge in our Secrets of UK Airports Lounges, how recent Car Hire Changes might affect you and that's just scratching the surface. Think we've missed anything? Let us know how we can help you travel better.

When You're Back

Got the post-holiday blues? We've got just the remedy with our Things To Do section, where you can find out how to bring some of the holiday home with you when you're back from your travels. That is until travel inspiration has you whisked away to your next trip! Here we'll let you know our Top 10 UK Holiday Destinations are, and the best Travel Twitter Accounts to Follow. Satiate your wanderlust all year round!

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