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Southampton Airport Hotels Upgrades

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Customise your Southampton airport hotel booking by taking advantage of our exclusive range of hotel upgrades. They’ll save you time and money and will ensure your holiday gets off to a smooth start.

What Southampton airport hotel upgrades do you offer?

The FairFX currency card is the safest and most efficient way of carrying money abroad. The FairFX card works like a debit card and you can use it to pay for things anywhere in the world. There are no transaction fees, competitive exchange rates and you can use it wherever you see the Mastercard symbol. The FairFX card also uses chip and pin technology, so you can be sure that your money is protected whilst you’re away.

If you've booked a Southampton airport hotel with us, you can add European or worldwide holiday insurance for up to a month to your booking. Better still, we cover everyone on your booking for one fixed price, so it's especially great value if you’re travelling as a family.

A twin room at the Southampton Holiday Inn Express M27 junction 7

For just £1, our Traffic Assistant service will text you on the day you're travelling to update you with traffic information so you’ll be able to avoid traffic queues and plan alternative routes.

Why book a Southampton airport hotel upgrade?

Our upgrades are great value and designed to save you stress and hassle by allowing you to tailor your holiday to your exact requirements. We’re also committed to offering you the best deals possible, that’s why, for example, we top up your Fair FX card with £10 of your chosen currency when you purchase it with us. This covers the original cost and means you’ll have that little bit extra put aside for your holiday.