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Southampton Airport Hotel Map and Directions

Staying at an airport hotel in Southampton is a convenient option for early morning flights, these directions will help you out finding the airport with the minimum amount of trouble.

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Longitude -1.36130
Latitude    50.95070

Southampton Address

Southampton International Airport,
Wide Lane,
SO18 2NL

Southampton airport hotels: The options

Airport parking

Southampton airport hotels with parking: You can include parking at the hotel with your booking. All you need to do is drive to the hotel on the night you're staying and park in the car park. In the morning, you'll need to catch a transfer over to the airport terminal. The hotel will keep your car safe until you return, when you'll need to transfer back to the hotel to collect your car before heading home.

Room-only bookings: Not everyone drives to the airport, so we sell hotel rooms that don't include parking. But if you're getting a taxi, it's worth finding out how much it'll cost beforehand, as airport parking can often work out cheaper.

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Directions to each Southampton Airport Hotel

Grand Harbour Hotel Southampton | Map and directions
If you've booked the Grand Harbour Hotel at Southampton Airport, our map and directions can help you find the quickest and easiest route. Enter your postcode into our location finder to get started.

Hilton hotel Southampton directions | Getting to the Hilton hotel
Directions to the Hilton hotel Southampton in Bracken Place, Chilworth, less than four miles from Southampton airport. The hotel is just off junction 14 of the M3.

Holiday Inn Express Southampton M27 J7 Directions | How to get to Holiday Inn Express Southampton M27 J7
Directions to the 3-star Holiday Inn Express Southampton M27 J7 at Southampton airport. Hotel Address: Holiday Inn Express M27, Junction 7, Botley Road, West End, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 3XA

Southampton Holiday Inn Directions | Southampton Airport
Directions to the Southampton Airport Holiday Inn. This hotel is located on the outskirts of the city and only 2 miles from Southampton airport. Address: Holiday Inn Southampton Airport, Leigh Road, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 9PG

MacDonald Botley Park Southampton Directions | Map & Directions
Directions to the 4-star MacDonald Botley Park Hotel at Southampton Airport. Hotel Address: Winchester Rd, Boorley Green, Southampton SO32 2UA

New Place Hotel at Southampton Airport | Map and Directions
Plan your route to the New Place Hotel near Southampton airport with ease using our nifty postcode finder and easy-to-follow directions. Use our map to see where the New Place Hotel is located in relation to the terminal.