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Prestwick Airport Hotels Upgrades

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FairFX Currency card

We want your whole holiday experience to be as relaxing and stress free as possible. With that in mind we have a few options in place that we think will help to make your holiday a whole lot easier. Add these upgrades to your room at one of our Prestwick airport hotels and get in the holiday mood a little sooner.

What upgrades are available?

The FairFX pre-paid currency card is a fantastic idea for those customers that use debit cards abroad. The FairFX removes any worry you might have about keeping your holiday money safe. It’s a pre-paid card from Mastercard that is a lot like your debit card except it’s designed specifically for using abroad. Your card is pre-loaded with your chosen currency and is easy to top-up. It also allows you to withdraw your cash wherever you are. It has chip and pin protection and no transaction fees, as well as competitive cash withdrawal prices. If you choose to include this upgrade, the card is free, all you have to do is pay £10 and® will reimburse you with £10 worth of your chosen currency.

Traffic Assistant is an ideal solution if you are looking to avoid traffic. With this upgrade we’ll send you traffic updates on the day you travel so you can plan a route around any congestion. The service is just £1 and includes a list of the latest airport shopping discounts so you can make the most of all the extra time you’ll save.

When you book with us we can also sort out your holiday insurance. We can give you either European insurance cover or worldwide insurance cover for up to ten days. Everybody travelling will be covered as long as they’re under the age of 65 and have no pre-existing medical conditions.