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Map and Directions to Prestwick Airport Hotels

This page contains a comprehensive set of directions for our Prestwick airport hotels.

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Longitude -4.61155
Latitude    55.50850

Glasgow Prestwick Address

Glasgow Prestwick,
Prestwick International Airport,

Glasgow Prestwick airport hotels: The options

off-airport hotels

Off airport hotels: Usually less expensive than on-airport hotels, off-airport hotels are outside the airport grounds but won't be more than a few miles away. They usually provide you with transport to the airport for free or at a reduced rate. The Express by Holiday Inn Ayr and the Manor Park Prestwick Airport are just a few miles away from Prestwick airport.

Prestwick hotels with parking: You can include parking with your hotel stay, either at the hotel or at one of our secured car parks. If you park in the hotel's car park, you'll drive to the hotel, leave your car there and then collect it when you return from holiday. When you park at one of our secured car parks. The car park will either be within the airport grounds or just a few miles outside. Try Prestwick hotels with parking as you may be able to save money, even when compared to just buying parking alone!

Room-only bookings: If you're not driving to the airport, don't worry, we haven't forgotten you. We sell hotel rooms that don't include a parking booking.

Directions to each Prestwick Airport Hotels

Directions to Adamton Country House | Prestwick Airport
Use our helpful, hassle-free map and directions to find the hotel in no time and arrive ready to enjoy your stay.

Prestwick Manor Park Directions | Prestwick Airport
Find a helpful map and easy-to-follow directions to the Prestwick Manor Park Hotel here. This convenient accommodation is located near Prestwick Airport.

Riverside Lodge Hotel Prestwick Directions | Map & Directions
Get to the Riverside Lodge hotel at Prestwick airport quickly and easily with our handy directions and very useful map.