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Newcastle Airport Hotels Upgrades

Never beaten on price
newcastle hotel upgrades

You can now customise your stay at all of our Newcastle airport hotels. Upgrades are the perfect way to make your stay more enjoyable, convenient and better value. Create the perfect start to your holiday by reserving your room and choosing from our superb add-ons.

What upgrades are available?

Don't want to leave the hotel hungry?
The Britannia's breakfast and dinner upgrades will allow you to fill up before your flight. Enjoy a delicious two-course dinner from the Table d'Hote menu and spend an evening relaxing in your room. In the morning, the restaurant serves both continental and English breakfasts. In addition, those under the age of 16 can eat for free when dining with two adults.

newcastle airport hotel upgrades

Want to avoid the airport crowds?
Escape the crowds and book the Newcastle Servisair executive lounge. You’ll be able to take full advantage of the peaceful surroundings, comfortable seating and complimentary drinks and snacks, all for up to three hours before your flight. You can indulge in this upgrade when you book any of our airport hotels.

Want a safe and competitive currency solution?
The FairFX pre-paid currency card offers a safe and efficient way for you to handle your money abroad. The card is usually £9.95, but is free with® when you add £10 worth of currency.

Why pre-book a Newcastle hotel upgrade?

Booking your Newcastle airport hotel upgrades in advance can save disappointment, stress and get you more for your money. Upgrade prices increase as spaces get snapped up, so book as early as possible to benefit from low prices and the full range of upgrades. The FairFX card is only available to pre-order, so don’t miss out.