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Humberside Airport Parking FAQs

Whatever it is you need to know, you’re bound to find the answer by browsing through a selection of Humberside airport parking FAQs...

Why should I book my Humberside airport parking in advance?

There are many reasons, one being that it’s one less thing to have to think about on the day you go on holiday. Pre-booking also means there’ll definitely be room for your car so you won’t need to worry about not finding a parking space. Perhaps the most persuasive reason though is that you’ll have to pay considerably more if you don’t pre-book. Paying at the gate at Humberside airport could set you back as much as £7 for a day’s parking. Alternatively, you can pre-pay and spend more like £3.75 a day.

Can I cancel my Humberside airport parking booking?

You can cancel your parking booking for free up until the day before you are due to arrive at the car park, unless you are booking a super saver option which are non-refundable.

How many car parks are there at Humberside airport?

Humberside airport isn’t a mega complex like Gatwick or Heathrow. As such it only has one car park: Humberside On-Airport car park. But you won’t wish for more choice once you find out how convenient the service is. There’s no waiting around for transfer buses because the car park is within walking distance of the terminal. There is, however, a special bus transfer service for those that require it.

What’s the difference between on and off-airport parking?

On-airport car parks are within the airport boundary while off-airport parking is outside the airport grounds. However, all car parking at Humberside is provided by the official on-airport car park so you won’t need to travel far once you’ve parked up.

What does secured parking mean?

It simply means an environment where your car is being protected by adequate security measures. For example, the Humberside On-Airport car park has CCTV installed as well as full security fencing around the perimeter. It is also regularly patrolled by staff security guards.