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Cardiff airport hotel upgrades

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The reception at the Holiday Inn Express Cardiff airport

Arranging a holiday can be stressful. That's why at® we try and make the process as hassle-free as possible by enabling you to book your Cardiff airport hotel and airport parking, as well as any Cardiff hotel upgrades such as the airport lounge or holiday currency, all together.

What Cardiff hotel upgrades are there?

Avoid the hectic queues and bustling crowds by booking the airport lounge at Cardiff airport. Pre-book your space and enjoy up to three hours of relaxation before you fly. Comfortable seating, coupled with unlimited free drinks, snacks, newspapers and magazines, make an airport lounge the perfect way to start your holiday.

The FairFX card is a pre-paid Mastercard which works just like your debit card. It’s a great alternative to carrying large amounts of cash around in foreign countries. You can use it anywhere that accepts Mastercard and, unlike most other credit or debit cards, there’s no transaction charge. You can also use it to withdraw money from cash machines for a small charge of 1.5 euros or $2 per transaction. You can top it up with either euros or dollars online.

Our low Travel insurance prices mean that there’s no excuse for travelling abroad without a policy. Worldwide or European cover is available for you and everyone else on your Cardiff airport hotel booking. What’s more, you’re all covered for one price, making the process simpler and easier for you.

Executive Lounge Cardiff airport

Why pre-book upgrades?

If you pre-book your upgrades at the same time as your hotel, you’ll be sure to get the best price for every part of your booking. All your paperwork and confirmation will be sent to you in plenty of time before you jet off, meaning you spend less time booking and more time relaxing and getting ready for your holiday. If you need to ask any questions or have any queries, everything can be dealt with by contact us.

Top tip

Getting to the airport early and leaving plenty of time before your flight, is always important. Find out what there is to do at Cardiff airport before you go, so you won't be too bored before you fly. Also make sure to have a look at the baggage allowance at Cardiff airport so you don't get caught out going through security having packed something you shouldn't.