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(3 star hotel)
4 miles
from the airport
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There's no need to worry about the food

The Thyme restaurant at the Gatwick Manor Royal hotel is relaxed and informal and prides itself on being family-friendly. The social atmosphere welcomes the busy executive eating over a laptop keyboard and large families equally, but has enough room to give everyone their own space. There's even an outdoor area for smokers. As a great-value offer, the restaurant offers a three-course dinner, including a drink, with breakfast the next morning, for just £22!

Thyme Restaurant

  • Breakfast: 6.30am to 10am
  • Weekends: 7am to 11am
  • Dinner: 5pm to 10pm

At breakfast, there's a continental and an English choice, with a vegetable sausage option and omelettes made to order, with as much Costa coffee as you like. For those with a later flight, snacks are served throughout the day, including a tasty and filling, warm Salmon Nicoise for £4.80 or a smooth Baked Camembert for £5.35. For a main course, there's Chicken and Leek pie at £8.45 or a £9.25 6oz New York Burger with bacon and cheddar.

At dinner, we started with herb, breaded mushrooms with a tangy dip of BBQ and garlic mayonnaise. For our main, we had wholewheat pasta with rocket pesto, grilled vegetables and soya beans. Pudding was an apple crumble, smothered with sweet sticky caramel and served with vanilla ice cream.

To drink, we had a glass of Kindermann's white wine, but the meal deal also includes Boddingtons beer, Carlsberg lager and soft drinks. For an extra £3.95, you can have a coffee with a choice of spirit, (Baileys, Gordons or Courvoisier). The restaurant also offers a great range of mocktails, such as Beauty and the Beach and Fire-Eater.