Menzies London Gatwick hotel with Parking

Brighton Road, Horley, Surrey, RH6 8PH

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(4 star hotel)
3 miles
from the airport
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This hotel is now closed

This hotel has gone into administration and is no longer accepting bookings.

For a similar hotel, we recommend the Ramada Plaza or the Courtyard By Marriott.

It makes sense to book your parking at the same time as your accommodation. Not only is it simple and convenient to leave your car with us, but our great value packages also make it more cost-effective than booking your accommodation and parking separately. When staying at the Menzies London Gatwick, you’ve five options to choose from when it comes to parking. You can drive your car to one of the long stay car parks at the airport or the Airparks park and ride car park just outside it, you can leave it at the hotel while you’re away, or you can have it picked up from the hotel and brought back to you at the terminal by Maple Manor Meet and Greet.

Long Stay

You can park in the hotel’s secured car park overnight for £5, just take a ticket from the machine next to the barrier when you arrive and have it validated before you leave. In the morning, just drive to the airport. There are long stay car parks at both the North and South terminals, and they’re both easy to find and well signposted.

The car parks have automatic number plate recognition, so we’ll ask you for your car registration number when you book your parking. When you arrive at the car park, the automatic barrier will recognise your car and let you in.

Both car parks run buses to and from the terminal they serve 24 hours a day, every 10 minutes. Transfers take just five minutes and are included in the price of your booking.

For more details about the Long Stay car parks, including security, maps, directions and more customer reviews, please follow the link to our Long Stay North and Long Stay South pages.

At the hotel

When you leave the Menzies hotel for your holiday, your car needn’t go with you - you can leave it at the hotel while you’re away. You’ll just need to leave your car keys with reception, in case cars need to be moved within the car park.

Reception will book you a taxi to and from the airport, which is about 10 minutes away, depending on the traffic. A taxi for up to four people will cost just £6 each way.

Maple Manor Meet and Greet

What could be easier than having someone pick up your car, park it for you in a secured car park and, at the end of your holiday, drop it back to you? Maple Manor Meet and Greet does just that, making it the most straightforward option.

When you arrive, just park in the hotel car park and leave your keys with reception. A chauffeur from Maple Manor will come and collect your car and take it to Maple Manor’s secured car park. When you return from your holiday, give Maple Manor a call just before you come through Customs and they will bring your car straight back to you.

For more details about Maple Manor’s Meet and Greet package, including security at the car park and what to do if you’re delayed on your way back, please visit our Maple Manor Parking pages. You’ll also be able to read more reviews from satisfied customers.

Airparks park and ride

Airparks is a secured car park just three miles from Gatwick airport – and it’s almost always the best value option.

You’ll park at the hotel overnight and take your car to Airparks in the morning – it’s about a 10 to 15-minute drive away. Airparks will park your car for you, so all you need to do is drop your keys off at the car park reception. Airparks provides bus transfers to and from both terminals 24 hours a day; the journey takes just 10 minutes and is included in the price of your booking, both ways.

See our Airparks Gatwick page for more information about Airparks, including maps, information about security at the car park, and reviews from happy customers.