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Aberdeen Airport Hotels Upgrades

Never beaten on price

If you're booking an Aberdeen airport hotel with us you’ll also have the chance to take advantage of our exclusive range of Aberdeen airport hotel upgrades. Our upgrades could save you time, money and last-minute hassle, so what are you waiting for? Here’s a selection of the great deals on offer.

What Aberdeen airport hotels upgrades are available?

Dinner and breakfast: If you're staying at the Britannia Aberdeen and booking your stay with® then you’ll be able to save £2 on a two-course or £3 on a three-course dinner in the hotel’s wonderful restaurant. A delicious Scottish or continental breakfast is served in the morning, so fill up before you fly and make sure you’ve got plenty of energy for the holiday ahead.

The FairFX card: A foreign currency card that works just like a debit card, so you can spend money safely anywhere in the world. The FairFX card is free and easy to use, offers competitive exchange rates and is protected by chip and pin technology.

The Servisair lounge at Aberdeen airport: Treat yourself by booking the Servisair lounge and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and comfortable seating for up to three hours before your flight. The lounge has free newspapers and magazines, television and internet access. A range of complimentary snacks and drinks are also available.

Holiday insurance: We've been providing holiday insurance since 1986 and can insure you and everyone on your booking for up to a month on European or worldwide cover. Better still, we’ll only charge you one fixed price, regardless of how many people are on your booking.

Cots: Both of our Aberdeen airport hotels will provide a cot in your room for free. Simply contact our award-winning contact centre and we can arrange this for you, or you can speak to your hotel’s reception.

Traffic assistant: A traffic-free journey could cost you just £1 with our traffic assistant service. We’ll send you text updates on the day that you're travelling to the hotel which will warn you about any traffic problems so you can avoid them and plan an alternative route.

Why book an Aberdeen airport hotel upgrade?

Our currency, insurance, breakfast and dining upgrades are additions that you will need, and by including them all in one place, you’ll save both time and money. The Servisair lounge offers the chance for a little more indulgence with an extra stylish start to your trip. Whichever you choose, you can trust that you’ll be saving money on upgrades which are not only useful, but also great value.