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This page contains a list of directions pages for each of our hotels at Aberdeen airport.

Aberdeen airport hotels: To park or not to park?

Aberdeen airport hotels with parking: Both our Aberdeen airport hotels offer packages which include parking for up to 15 days while you're away. You just drive to the hotel, leave your car there while you're on holiday, and collect it from the hotel when you return. Transfers to and from the terminal are included in the price at both hotels - they run 24 hours a day at the Thistle, and from 5am to 11am at the Britannia.

Room-only bookings: If you're not driving to the airport, you'll be making a room-only booking - one which doesn't include a parking package. But if you're getting a taxi, we recommend finding out how much it'll cost, as airport parking may well cost less.

Directions to each Aberdeen Airport Hotels