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Top 7 Airport Faux Pas

Don't make these blunders!

Never beaten on price

The tickets are here, the taxi is booked and you're all set for your holiday - now you just have to get to the departure gate unscathed. With that in mind, take a look at our guide on how to avoid the most common airport mistakes, to help you travel better.

1. Trying to take prohibited items onboard

Water Bottle

It's surprisingly easy to end up with an item in your hand luggage that shouldn't be there - a bottle of water you thought would be a good idea for the flight; a pair of scissors that you forgot were at the bottom of the pencil case you grabbed on your way out the door; or a pair of eyebrow tweezers in your makeup bag that you had no idea could be considered an offensive weapon. Every day, hundreds of items are confiscated from unwary travellers by airport security staff - so make sure you check all the pockets in your handbag or hand luggage, and buy items like water and suncream once you're safely flightside. And watch out for surprising items on the prohibited list - we once lost a delicious reblochon cheese that was deemed trop liquide by a Swiss security guard.

2. Going over your baggage allowance

Excessive Luggage

Stuffing more into your suitcase than your baggage allowance permits can be a costly mistake to make - and an almighty faff to boot, as you'll have to either jettison excess items there and then, or retire from the check-in queue to reorganise your belongings. Excess baggage problems are more likely on bargain flights, which typically have a lower allowance per person, so pack light and think twice about bringing heavy souvenirs home in your cabin baggage - it might be worth using a shipping service instead.

3. Wearing too much metal

Too Much Metal

We know not many of you will want to travel in a full suit of armour (I'm not one to judge), but outfits featuring a lot of zips, studs or buckles will set off airport metal detectors and cause you a lot of unwanted hassle. Keep metal detailing to a minimum if you want a swift walk through security - and don't forget shoes may need to be removed too, so avoid 16-hole laceups and choose something easy to slip off and on again. Don't make jokes about drugs or bombs when passing through security - staff are obliged to investigate anything perceived to be a threat and you may be questioned or even arrested.

4. Getting too tipsy pre-flight

Too Much Alcohol

It might seem like a fun idea to get your holiday off to a flying start with a couple of rounds of margaritas - and nervous flyers in particular might like the idea of a shot of Dutch courage before the flight - but getting squiffy can mean you're not paying attention to important information like gate changes and boarding calls. A couple of pints can also become very uncomfortable on the bladder once you've been sitting on the tarmac for forty minutes - it's best to wait until takeoff before getting into the holiday spirit.

5. Being late to the gate

Running Late

Seasoned travellers often wait for the last call before moseying up to their departure gate to avoid waiting around in a place with no amenities - but if you're flying from an airport you don't know well, it pays to check how far the gate is from the main departure lounge. Running through the airport with your name being called over the tannoy is not a good look for anyone - and if you're very late, a flight crew on a tight schedule is very likely to take your luggage off and depart without you. In large international airports it can take 20 minutes or more to get from security to the gate, so unless you want to test your sprint speed, check in advance and make sure you factor in enough time - and avoid falling asleep before you're onboard!

6. Misplacing important travel documents


Everyone knows the most basic of travel mantras, "Passport, tickets, wallet". You can get by in almost any country as long as you have these about your person - so don't make the very real mistake of leaving your passport in the Terminal 4 toilets, or dropping your boarding pass while shopping in Duty Free. Early starts, jet lag and general travel stress can cause you to be dozier and less vigilant than usual, so make absolutely sure everything is where it's meant to be before leaving for the airport and again after presenting your passport and tickets or boarding pass at check-in and security.

7. Going overboard with the smellies

Too Many Toiletries

Duty Free can be a beguiling place - so many lovely items to sample, sip and spray! But spare a thought for your fellow passengers when wandering through the fragrance aisle - excessive perfume or cologne can be a noxious thing to sit next to for eight hours. If you're genuinely interested in testing a fragrance before purchase, stick to a small squirt on the wrist or inside elbow rather than dousing yourself in the scents of twenty back gardens. Your co-travellers will thank you for it.

Are you guilty of making any of these airport blunders? Let us know and don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more travel guides and new videos from our studio. While you're at it, why not like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for daily content to help you travel better.