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The Best Travel Must-Haves for 2016

New year. New technology. New travel fun.

Never beaten on price

Each year, we see an array of weird and wonderful travel accessories making their way onto the market, as well as a few gems. Anything that makes travel that little bit easier is fine by me - here are our top picks for the travel must-haves of 2016.

Polaroid digital camera

Polaroid Camera

Forget Instagram - there's nothing like the old-school charm of printing off hard copies of your selfies (and then Instagramming them). Polaroid's latest camera does just that, saving your snaps both in a digital format as well as letting you print them off straight away (and of course, shaking it like a Polaroid picture).

Prices start at £159.99 on Amazon.

UV Sun Sense wristband

UV Sun Sense

Frolicking in the sun is a dangerous game - you never know when you're burning until it's too late. You start by applying sunscreen to the band (as well as yourself) and the UV wristband will change colour and detect when you need to apply more sunscreen. It also changes colour when you've had enough sun for the day, which is ideal for preventing sun stroke.

UV Sun Sense wristbands are available from Amazon from £20.66 for 7 wristbands (one-time use only).

Monster Mobile Powercard

Monster Mobile Powercard

This beautifully-slim external battery was made for travel - it's only a little thicker than a credit card and slots easily into your wallet. It connects to and charges any USB device and has over 5 hours of power - perfect for the smartphone addicts amongst us.

The Monster Mobile Powercard is available on Amazon, retailing at £31.51.

Zoom Wireless Travel Router

Zoom Travel Router

If you're prone to panicking when you can't find a wifi network, a travel router might be just the thing you need. It allows you to create your own wifi hotspot for other devices by connecting to your 3G USB modem so that you and your family can stay connected.

The Zoom Wireless Travel Router is currently £29.99 on Amazon.

BlueSmart Suitcase

Bluesmart suitcase

Everything seems to be 'smart' these days, so why not your luggage? The new BlueSmart carry on case has a wealth of awesome features, including a digital lock, in-built phone charger, location tracking, corresponding app and more. Now that's what we call smart. At 319 Euros, it doesn't come cheap, but it is certainly one of the most innovative products in the luggage market.

The Bluesmart suitcase is currently available for preorder at 319 Euros, and should be available from December 2016.



If you don't fancy splashing out on a whole new case but still want to keep your luggage as safe as possible, the LugLoc might be the next best option. It's a tracker (and app) that keeps a track of where your luggage is, making the process much easier if you're unlucky enough to lose it.

The LugLoc device is currently available in the US, priced at $69.99.

Travel journal

Travel Journal

We love this leather journal by PAPER HIGH.

Travel is all about making memories that you won't forget, and keeping a travel journal means that you won't forget a moment. There are some great journals on Not On The High Street, but if you're feeling frugal, a plain old notebook or diary will do the trick.

iPhone lenses

iphone lenses

Budding photographers needn't shell out for fancy camera equipment to take world-class travel photos. Sure, a great camera helps, but if you're just starting out, Olloclip offer a number of mini iPhone camera lenses to give your photos some extra oomph.

Olloclip sell a range of lenses for iPhones, including wide angle and macro lenses. Take a look at the range here.

What are your travel must-haves for 2016?

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Sarah lives in London but has a bucket list longer than her arm. She's spent time everywhere from Russia to Australia, and has more than a few trips planned for the future. In the meantime, she works in social media and writes for a number of publications. Follow her on Twitter.

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