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customer rating
  • Parking was very well priced and location instructions very accurate

    Mr Browning 18 Aug, 2022

  • So easy and convenient for Ocean Terminal

    Mr Towler 31 Jul, 2022

  • Every thing went smoothly in the whole process

    Mr Fenton 29 Jul, 2022

  • Easy to find, helpful staff, on the doorstep for Ocean terminal.
    All very convenient and efficient.

    Mr Jones 26 Jul, 2022

  • We used triangle parking, ideal for Iona at Ocean terminal. There was someone there when we left car and on return. Not sure how secure it is, but then how secure is parking anywhere these keep your keys too, which is what we wanted.

    Mrs Lake 25 Jul, 2022

  • Triangle Parking at Southampton Port was a perfect location for parking if you go on a cruise. Less than a 5 minute walk to Ocean Terminal. Would definitely use again

    Mrs Mann 23 Jul, 2022

  • Car park position was not very convenient especially if it was raining

    Mr Clark 23 Jul, 2022

  • There was no-one on the gate checking us in as there had been previously. Fortunately there were spaces but it could be that the car park is full despite booking ahead since it is also a pay and display car park.

    Mr Bennett 21 Jul, 2022

  • Booked the Triangle car park at the Ocean Terminal, was a little worried from reviews that we wouldn't find it, but it was easy. We drove into the Terminal and put cases onto conveyor belt, we then exited and the car park was just on left as leaving the terminal. Everything was so easy arriving and departing we just put cases on trolly and walked. Only 5 mins max. Would highly recommend, great price and all very easy and stress free. No barriers just ANPR cameras, some people left their paperwork in the window but we didn't.

    Mrs Rowley 18 Jul, 2022

  • Unsecured site with poor signposting

    Mrs Allen 18 Jul, 2022

  • Car park was easy to find using google maps. Trolleys available for bag transfers.

    Mr Unwalla 17 Jul, 2022

  • Really good ????????

    Miss Candy 11 Jul, 2022

  • Firstly you did not refund our booking cancellation from last year and you would not allow us to use it for Southhampton parking this year. I am an OAP and cannot afford to lose money so I will NOT be using your company again. Secondly the carpark we used this year is too far to walk to our destination that you said would take 5 minutes.

    Mr Thomas 11 Jul, 2022

  • All went very smoothly directions and details of where to park were spot on.

    Mr Wheaton 11 Jul, 2022

  • The directions were good & accurate. But once inside the car park it was abit confusing as there was tariff boards up everywhere saying it was a ‘park & pay’ car park. Nothing to say about pre booked customers. Eventually after driving round a few times & trying another car park & asking an attendant…we realised we had been in the right place. I then saw some really small signs attached to some barriers (really tricky to see!) that said for pre booked customers - park here.
    That said it was very convenient for the cruise ship. I just think they need bigger & better signage for pre booked customers.

    Mrs Gallimore 10 Jul, 2022

  • Parking at the Triangle car park - Southampton.
    Directions provided to car park were clear enough. However on arrival there are multiple carparks in this area most of whihc are secured. This car park isn't and had "pay and display" signs everywhere. It was not readily apparent if we had arrived in the correct Triangle car park. With no attendant available this made leaving the car there worrying in case we came back to a clamped car and fine. I was obviously not the only one with this concern since there were numerous cars parked with the Holiday Extras printed reciept left on the dashboards.
    Some formal indication from Holiday Extras would have been helpful to avoid a stressful start to the holiday!!
    Anyway the carpark is as described and only 5 minutes walk from the terminal, there were trollies available and when we returned the car hadn't been clamped and no fine.

    Mr Nice 17 Jun, 2022

  • The parking is not secure with only a camera covering the site. Based beside a main road anyone can enter the car park with ease. It is used for short term parking shoppers as well as long term for cruisers / ferry users. 10 minute walk to the cruise terminal and you get to keep your keys so no worry about who will drive your car

    Mr Davey 16 Jun, 2022

  • No staff on site, were told by staff where dropping off at ocean terminal to park in there car park. Would have helped if someone was there.

    Mr Mann 13 Jun, 2022

  • Parking not secure, further than expected from port

    Mr Gregory 13 Jun, 2022

  • Parking at cruise port. Smooth booking process and straightforward procedure upon arrival and departure at selected car park

    Mrs Estwick 05 Jun, 2022

  • car park too far from teminal with no transfers

    Mr Chaplin 03 Jun, 2022

  • Very easy to use and change if needed.

    Mr Moffat 31 May, 2022

  • No staff on site, parking was easy, but no one around to check paperwork

    Mr Whitfield 31 May, 2022

  • the carpark was very easy to find and 2 min walk to cruise ship.

    Mr Rose 31 May, 2022

  • Very easy to book and good directions were supplied but you should tell people who book that there is nobody there to great you so I was very nervous that I needed to have my paperwork checked.

    Mr Hawkins 29 May, 2022

  • Easy as it gets

    Mrs Ettle 17 May, 2022

  • All worked smoothly and a lot cheaper than parking with p&o, please note that p&o charge more for parking if you book a more expensive cabin. While triangle charge the same price whatever cabin you choose

    Mr Peters 16 May, 2022

  • No staff on site and no instructions on where or how to park

    Mr Frain 16 May, 2022

  • The person that greeted us on arrival was helpful. Finding a parking space was easy enough. Car park quite a distance from the cruise ship terminal we had to get to. Had to ask the one person staff for a number for taxi as no info on such with paperwork I printed off of booking proof. No person greeted me when I collected my car and no check on me leaving in the car.

    Mr Davenport 17 May, 2022

  • We booked parking at Triangle car park Southampton which is some distance away from ship. As we are 4 over seventies persons we were not too keen to pull luggage the distance to the ship so we had to drive into the the port to drop off passengers and luggage. My husband then drove to the carpark and walked to the ship some 10 mins away. There was no staff to be seen in the carpark. On our return we had to carry out the same procedure in reverse. Whilst we were aware of the problems parking at Triangle the cost was substantially less than port parking.

    Mr Bayliss 03 May, 2022

  • I parked at the Triangle Southampton PORT car park. You refer to it throughout as Airport Parking which it isn't! After I had booked I kept getting e-mails to say I still had time to book, which was annoying as I had already done so! (This maybe because the day before booking I had already looked on your website to see if there was space available for the dates I needed.)

    Mr Eade 02 May, 2022

  • Didnt realise I was approx 2mls away from Gate 10!

    Mr Benton 01 May, 2022

  • Parking as described, very close to terminal, staff member polite and friendly.

    Mr Snelgrove 19 Apr, 2022

  • Never saw anybody didnt even know if we were on the right carpark

    Mrs Leese 18 Apr, 2022

  • Postcode not recognised by SatNav & Smartphone. No signage on arrival to indicate it was the correct car park - all the signs gave info about payments on departure but nothing about payment made in advance or reference to holiday extras.

    Mr Edwards 18 Apr, 2022

  • I booked parking at Southampton cruise terminal.
    The post code was incorrect which delayed us by 1 hour and only found out by eventually ringing your office number.
    The ship was not at that terminal and so incurred a further £25 and over an hour of wasted time, not to mention increased anxiety which I was attempting to reduce.

    Mr Kaye 11 Apr, 2022

  • Didn't see any staff but easy to use car park we parked at triangle Southampton for very good access to cruise terminal

    Mr Farrissey 10 Apr, 2022

  • Very straight forward to book and car park (Triangle) was within 5 minutes walk from cruise terminal, Southampton. Not a secure carpark, but plenty of cameras

    Mrs Tidman 05 Apr, 2022

  • Easy to find and handy for ocean terminal

    Mr Jones 05 Apr, 2022

  • There was not a member of staff , only number plate recognition. We thought the car might not be safe, but it was OK when we arrived back.

    Mrs Reynolds 04 Apr, 2022

  • Location ideal. No staff present. Self park and short walk to terminal.

    Mrs Hatton 04 Apr, 2022

  • We parked the car at Triangle Parking Ocean Terminal Southampton. The car park is only a short walk from terminal and entry and exit were trouble free. Less than 48 hours before embarkation Cunard informed us the Queen Elizabeth would now be docking at the Mayflower Terminal and not the Ocean Terminal. A taxi transfer from the Ocean Terminal Triangle car park cost £9. The ship did return as planned to the Ocean Terminal.

    Mr Fewster 22 Mar, 2022

  • Everything was so easy

    Mrs Westlake 22 Mar, 2022

  • There were no staff. Phoned the number given on confirmation doc when informed of terminal change by Cunard. Got through to Red Funnel who informed that nobody from Triangle was available at weekends.

    Mr Harnett 21 Mar, 2022

  • We booked 12 nights parking. My wife tested positive for Covid, we were not allowed to board the ship,. we had parked up for 3 hours and yet no refund or credit was given despite my many requests.
    £105 for 3 hours parking is disgusting!

    Mr Roberts 21 Mar, 2022

  • everything went smoothly? the facilities were as described. The staff very helpful.

    Mr Hamilton 20 Mar, 2022

  • Car park very close to ship did not see any staff but easy to park

    Mr Shiers 20 Mar, 2022

  • The car park although cheaper worked out dearer in the long run because of the taxi requirements. It was unattended and the Garmin made it difficult to find.

    Mr Sands 19 Mar, 2022

  • Not clear directions to the car park, putting in the post code you gave us sent us to the wrong car park quite a distance from the one we needed. Also instructions fro m you said the camera would recognise the number plate and lift the barrier, there was no barrier and we were unsure whether we were in the right car park. Plus we were quite a distance from the port and no taxis available from the number you provided.

    Mrs Hargreaves 10 Mar, 2022

  • The car park location at Southampton was very good and near to the terminal, but directions could have been better, the satnav didn’t the take us there.

    Mr Rock 09 Mar, 2022

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