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customer rating
  • Very convenient, so close to cruise terminal. Easy to find and simple to access

    Mr Robert 30 Nov, 2021

  • Going on Iona cruise ship from the Ocean Terminal this is the logical value choice for parking. Simply book, drop off bags, drive in, leave the car, drive off again when you return to pick up bags. Simples!!! Its all handled by number plate recognition. Less than 5 mins walk from terminal so cuts the hassle to a minimum. You can pay for parking on the day but booking gives peace of mind and 10% discount

    Mr Kiff 30 Nov, 2021

  • Very convenient parking for the cruise terminal.

    Mr Evans 29 Nov, 2021

  • Car park not clearly identified.
    App said car park was in the sea
    No staff at car park to reassure me that it was the correct one.

    Mr Yates 16 Nov, 2021

  • No numberplate recognition, no staff on site, no contact number. Simple walk to terminal. Cheap enough.

    Mr Stott 09 Nov, 2021

  • The location of the car park was much further from the port terminal than i thought and the link to the exact location was not correct - very stressful

    Mr Mallon 01 Nov, 2021

  • On arrival ther was no one on site. No barrier anyone can gain access to car park. And damage or even steal car. Although secured by camera 24/7 no one to stop the eventuality. Therfore i will not be booking this carpsrk again triangle in Southampton. Barriers should be installed to prevent non booked cars to gain access. Should also be manned 24/7.

    Mr Vasanji 25 Oct, 2021

  • Car park was easy to find and perfect for the cruise terminal

    Mr Wise 25 Oct, 2021

  • Everything went smoothly. Parking was very close to cruise terminal

    Mrs Dudgeon 25 Oct, 2021

  • Secure parking, 10 min walk to the cruise terminal, no trolly park in car park so had to walk back with trollies, otherwise very good

    Mr/S Harris 24 Oct, 2021

  • We didn’t realise that the ship could dock at a completely different location when it returned. It cost us £10 to get back to the car park so in future will use a drop off service.

    Mr Hilton 23 Oct, 2021

  • The car park was as advertised.

    Mr Hayman 22 Oct, 2021

  • Parking at Southampton Dock Post code did take us to the wrong part of the Dock you need to send a pin point of where people need to drive to the little parking kiosk where your man is waiting

    Mr Kent 18 Oct, 2021

  • The car park was not as close as we thought to the cruise terminal. It was walkable because it was a nice sunny morning.
    On our return my husband left me with cases and he walked to the car.
    Just had to explain to Security on the gate why he was driving in.

    Mrs Raftery 16 Oct, 2021

  • The parking spot was great but the gate leading on to the ship was locked meaning we had a long unnecessary walk. And it was still locked on our return.

    Mr Kidd 16 Oct, 2021

  • Didn’t realise that Triangle was a public car park and there was no one there to ‘police’ it. Heard so many bad reports about it while we were on holiday e.g. people turning up who had pre-paid and no where to park due to Isle of Wight functions, heard it’s not secure parking would never book Triangle again!!!

    Mrs Benton 12 Oct, 2021

  • Very close to Ocean terminal for P&O cruise ship. Walked from car to ship. No transfer required. Very simple, just drive in and park your car. Would recommend this for Ocean terminal and will definitely use again for this terminal.

    Mrs Pattison 10 Oct, 2021


    Mr Ramm 02 Oct, 2021

  • Satnav didn't take us to the place; polar coordinates would help. Also, it's a distance from the port and there's no trolleys or pedestrian entrance and exit. The meet and greet at short stay is better.

    Mr Holton 03 Oct, 2021

  • Good value parking the only problem was our satnav didn't recognise the car park postcode.

    Mr Simmonds 01 Oct, 2021

  • Triangle parking was dreadful, upon arrival at Southampton there was very limited space availability. The place was open to all and sundry with no barriers or obvious cameras. There was no 'man' to make sure all was well. We got parked up eventually fielding several questions from other car drivers who were trying to find space. Following the cruise we did wonder if our car was going to be there and undamaged. Fortunately it was but I have spent the last 10 days expecting a penalty notice for parking without having paid as there were several sections to this area from what looked like different companies. So far so good, no fine but won't use them again, will use CPS directly who were better value and actually in a secure site.

    Mr Walden-Hall 01 Oct, 2021

  • Triangle Parking was a joke.....
    It was a public pay and display car park FFS! We had to drive round for 35 minutes waiting for someone to leave along with multiple other cars also wanting to get on our cruise, NEVER AGAIN, really stressful and no staff anywhere!

    Mr Taylor 27 Sep, 2021

  • Dreadful experience. We booked a parking space in the triangle carpark in Southampton. The car park is 'open' and space not allocated so when we arrived there were no spaces left. Starting a holiday can be fraught especially when in a place we have not travelled from before and finding out where the covid testing is then driving to find the dock then trying to find the parking, so anything to make the process easier is appreciated. The sat nav information was wrong, we eventually found the car park and eventually found a place to park but not a pleasant experience

    Mr Simpson 25 Sep, 2021

  • Absolutely appalling. The directions on the app are completely wrong has there are now buildings in the place where the entrance used to be. Eventually found the car park only to discover it was completely full. Must have been at least 20 other cars trying to park. You state barrier will open when it recognises your number plate, there is no barrier! Phoned your number but was told by employee she couldn’t help me has she was working from home. What’s the point in working then! Only option was to park against a fence and then spent the entire holiday wondering if car was safe or getting clamped. I will never use this company again

    Mr Burton 25 Sep, 2021

  • When we arrived at the car park it was overbooked and there were no spare spaces.
    We would nit book through this company again

    Mr Fisher 25 Sep, 2021

  • Very easy to book online and well signed and post code.

    Mr Moffat 24 Sep, 2021

  • Car park over crowded took nearly an hour to find space I paid well over the top it was a lot cheaper to pay and display
    Never again

    Mr Gibbons 24 Sep, 2021

  • Southampton triangle parking - full when we arrived, managed to move bollards to create space for the car and worried the who,e holiday whether we would have a ticket. Felt terrible for people behind us unable to park, mix of short and long term parking obviously not working.

    Miss James 24 Sep, 2021

  • We arrived at Triangle car park to find total chaos. A large number of people who had pre booked, as we had, we’re driving round and round with no slots in the car park. Isle of Wight festival goers had driven in and parked because no slots had been reserved. There was nearly a punch up. You made the start of the cruise a horribly stressful experience. This was a shambles.

    Mr Heaton 24 Sep, 2021

  • This car park was nearly 2 miles from where the ship was docked. No representative on site and no transfer. Would not use Princess preferred client again.

    Mr Sygrove 07 Sep, 2021

  • Great location near the Cruise Terminal

    Mr Harrison 06 Sep, 2021

  • Yes everything went okay,the parking was good,but not to sure how secure the parking was.But apart from that,it was very close to the cruise terminal.

    Mr Edwards 30 Aug, 2021

  • This is not a secure car park for cruise parking. It’s a public car park that allows long stay. There are no staff present and even though we arrived quite early it was very full.
    It is within walking distance of the ship but not suited for anyone with mobility issues. Also there is not a clear safe route to the Ocean Terminal from the car park. Even though you can see the ship, there is no signage showing you how to get there.

    Mr Wiggins 30 Aug, 2021

  • Did nit see any staff. Drove in,parked up and came back 4dsys later and drive out,simple.

    Mrs Hart 29 Aug, 2021

  • some of the paperwork was misleading re- getting a taxi to cruise. It went perfect ,no need for a taxi it was 3 minutes walk. for us. we were at triangle parking and it went like a dream. thanks

    Mr Brammer 16 Aug, 2021

  • Everything went as clockwork

    Mr Mclatchie 11 Aug, 2021

  • We parked at Triangle car park Southampton, which is very useful for P&O and managed to find one of the few spaces left. However there was no barrier on the car park so anyone not booked could pay and park, which means it is possible for all of the spaces to be full, in which case we would have a very big problem.

    Mr Hawkins 06 Aug, 2021

  • No problem parking at Southampton port only problem was we were dropped off at a different cruise terminal so had to get a taxi back

    Mr Hall 05 Aug, 2021

  • Parking easy and very close to ocean terminal. About 5 min walk to terminal.

    Mrs White 31 Jul, 2021

  • We found the Triangle carpark with no problem. There were plenty of free spaces, and the walk to the Ocean terminal took only a few minutes. I did not see any staff, but did not need any help.

    Mr Robertson 30 Jul, 2021

  • Easy parking near ocean terminal

    Mr Collett 26 Jul, 2021

  • The car park was a pay and display car park. We paid £72 and it would have cost £61 if we had turned upto to park. Another point it was not secure also stated a 5 min walk from the terminal we where leaving from. I also searched how long it would take. We ended up paying a extra £94 to park at the more secure parking closer to the port departure.
    Not recommend. After complaining we got no satisfactory results.

    Mr Yates 26 Jul, 2021

  • We HAD to cancel and you hang-on to £10! A voucher, in these situations is no good to us.

    Mr Barnett 25 Jul, 2021

  • All as advertised very pleased

    Mr Hulligan 31 Dec, 2019

  • Very close to the Cruise terminal (5 min walk). Easy to access on arrival, then just drive car away on return.

    Mr Robinson 04 Nov, 2019

  • Triangle car park is great for Ocean cruise terminal Southampton, as we pulled up staff welcomed us by our name and directed us to the area we should park in, car registration obviously works very quickly. It took us less than 10 minutes to wheel our cases to the terminal. Will use it again next time we cruise from Ocean terminal.

    Mrs Wilson 28 Oct, 2019

  • Triangle car park is great for Ocean cruise terminal Southampton, as we pulled up staff welcomed us by our name and directed us to the area we should park in, car registration obviously works very quickly. It took us less than 10 minutes to wheel our cases to the terminal. Will use it again next time we cruise from Ocean terminal.

    Mrs Wilson 28 Oct, 2019

  • Great well located car park for Ocean terminal. Friendly car park attendant too.

    Mr Pretty 27 Oct, 2019

  • We booked our van in over the phone and told her the height of it
    When we arrived there was a barrier and height restriction. Caused a fair bit of stress . We had to call someone over and they guided us in through the exit entry over the puncture spikes . Not an ideal start although no damage was done to our vehicle

    Mrs Payne 22 Sep, 2019

  • The car park was well signposted had easy access and plenty of spaces.

    Mr Watts 08 Sep, 2019

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