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Inverness airport hotels upgrades

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If you’ve already booked your stay at the Inverness airport hotel, why not add a few upgrades to enhance your stay and kick start your holiday? We’ve outlined all of our Inverness airport hotels upgrades for you below. They’re all designed to make your stay and trip to the airport easier and as hassle-free as possible.

What upgrades can I choose from?

At the Thistle Hotel Inverness Airport you can choose a number of options to upgrade your stay. Instead of opting for a standard room, you can upgrade to a suite or executive room for that extra bit of luxury for £20 more per night.

You can also choose to have breakfast included in your booking for £10 or breakfast and dinner for £30 extra, per person per night. This option is perfect if you don’t want to rush to buy a quick meal at the airport right before your flight.

If you’re driving to the airport and you want to book a stay at an Inverness airport hotel, then you should consider choosing a hotel with parking package. When booking with® you could save money by incorporating your parking booking into your hotel package instead of using airport car parks. The Thistle Hotel offers a 15 day parking package with free transfers to the airport.

Another upgrade we provide is the Traffic Assistant service. For only £1 per text you can receive traffic updates straight to your phone so if you have decided to drive to the airport itself, you can avoid those pesky traffic jams and won’t be late for your flight.

If you’re worried about money transactions abroad, then why not purchase our FairFX prepaid currency card. It’s a prepaid Mastercard that works like a debit card and can be set up with any currency for any country in the world. The card has competitive withdrawal charges and exchange rates, and the added safety of chip and pin. If you get the FairFX card from and add £10 worth of currency onto the card, we will give you the card free of charge.

Don’t forget your holiday insurance. We can offer you Worldwide and European Insurance cover for up to ten days at So if you pre-book an Inverness airport hotel with us, you should definitely consider booking your holiday insurance at the same time.

Why should I pre-book Inverness airport hotels upgrades?

With our Best Price Guarantee you can be sure to get a great deal if you book in advance. Pre-booking will guarantee you the room and package you want, as well as be more cost-effective than booking at the last minute.