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Edinburgh Airport Parking Upgrades

Never beaten on price

If you’re thinking of pre-booking your Edinburgh airport parking with us, why not make your trip go even smoother? You can upgrade your booking to include a hotel stay as well as a spot of VIP treatment in an airport lounge. There are also a selection of other useful add-ons which will be offered when you book, including superb deals on travel insurance and traffic text alerts.

Feel rested and refreshed before flying

We would 100 per cent recommend booking an Edinburgh airport hotel at the same time as pre-booking your parking space. Not only will it guarantee an enviable discount, it will also make your journey so much more relaxed. If you’ve got an early flight, you’ll still manage to get a decent night’s sleep beforehand. Even if you are travelling in the day, an overnight stay in a hotel can be a great way to avoid the worry of getting stuck in traffic.

Reasons to book an Edinburgh airport hotel

  • • Unbelievable discounts when booked with airport parking
  • • Enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep before an early flight
  • • Just a short distance from the secured car park

Feel like a celebrity by booking an airport lounge

If you’ve never tried an Edinburgh airport lounge, you don’t know what you’re missing. Try one and you won’t regret it. No more trying to get comfy on a hard plastic chair, that’s if you can get a seat at all. An airport lounge gets you a large, snug chair to recline in whilst reading the latest editions of your favourite magazines or newspapers – not to mention the supply of snacks and drinks. To top it off, there’s also WIFI connection which makes this a particularly attractive option for businesspeople.