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Map and Directions to Doncaster Airport

We offer one hotel at Doncaster airport, the newest airport in the UK. Located just 3 miles from the airport, these directions will help you find your way to Doncaster airport if you're staying at the Angel Inn.

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Longitude -1.01190
Latitude    53.48090

Doncaster-Sheffield (Robin Hood) Address

Doncaster-Sheffield (Robin Hood),
Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield,
Heyford House,
First Avenue,

Doncaster airport hotels with parking

Off-site parking

Doncaster airport hotels with parking: We can provide you with an airport hotel and parking package for eight or 15 days at the Ramada Encore. When parking on-site at the hotel, you'll need to drive there on the day of your stay before leaving your car and walking to the terminal the following morning. Your car will be waiting at the hotel when you get back.

Room-only bookings: We appreciate that not everyone drives to the airport, and that's why we sell hotel rooms that don't include a parking booking. These are a great idea if you plan on taking a taxi or receiving a lift from a friend to the airport.

Directions to each Doncaster Airport Hotels

Holiday Inn Express Directions | Doncaster Airport
Find your way to the Holiday Inn Express at Doncaster Airport with our easy-to-follow map - put your postcode into our location finder and follow the simple directions.

Doncaster Ramada Encore Directions | Doncaster Airport
When you're booked in for a night at the Ramada Encore by Doncaster Airport, you can be sure you'll find your way with our easy-to-follow map and directions!