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Belfast City airport hotels upgrades

Never beaten on price
The gym at the Stormont Hotel Belfast City airport

Take your pick from our Bristol City airport hotels upgrades and make your holiday that little bit more special. Our exclusive range of add-ons will allow you to treat yourself as well as purchase great value essentials.

Once you have selected your Belfast City airport hotel, our upgrades page will appear, so everything can be arranged with one simple booking.

What upgrades are available?

Three-course dinner: Reserve a table in Stormont Hotel's La Scala Bistro and enjoy an indulgent three-course dinner. The menu is varied and meals are freshly cooked using local produce.

Executive room: Start your holiday with a little luxury by upgrading to an executive room at The Stormont Hotel. Executive rooms are much larger than normal rooms and come with a king size bed, bathrobes, slippers, mineral water and much more.

Travel insurance: Our web exclusive travel insurance upgrade offer is too good to miss out on. Book worldwide or European holiday cover for you and everyone else on your Belfast City airport hotel booking and you'll all be covered for the same price.

An executive room at the Stormont Hotel Belfast City airport

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Booking in advance with could save you up to 40 per cent. We also have a Best Price Guarantee to protect your booking so you can buy with confidence.

Once you’ve booked your Belfast City airport hotel and upgrades, you’ll be able to look forward to a relaxed and refreshing start to your holiday.