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Belfast airport hotels upgrades

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Here at® our aim is to make every aspect of your holiday as simple and enjoyable as possible, so we’ve added a page dedicated to the great value upgrades which could accompany your reservation at our Belfast airport hotels .

What upgrades are available?

Airport lounge: The Belfast International Bank of Ireland lounge is a calm oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the standard departure lounge. It’s a peaceful place for you to unwind for up to three hours before your flight. Pass the time watching TV, reading the free newspapers and magazines and enjoying a selection of complimentary drinks and snacks.

Add a FairFX card to your stay

Travel insurance: Give yourself piece of mind while you’re away by adding our price busting travel insurance to your Belfast airport hotel booking. Not only is it easy to do but it’s a brilliant deal too. With our cover you pay a fixed price no matter how many people are travelling with you. So it’s the same low price whether you’re insuring an individual or a family of five. We offer worldwide or European cover, so no matter how far you roam, we’ve got you covered.

Holiday money: We all need spending money when we go away but why risk carrying cash when you can use our FairFX card. The FairFX card is a prepaid Mastercard that acts just like a debit card. There are no transaction fees when you use your FairFX in a shop or restaurant, and you can top it up online with euros or dollars anytime you want with no trouble at all. Click here for full terms and conditions.

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Pre-booking is always the best way to make sure you get the package you want at the best price. Booking is really easy but if you’d rather talk to someone about your booking then you can always call our award winning call centre on 0800 093 5478. Once you’ve made your booking, we’ll send you everything you need to know.