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Directions to Belfast Airport Hotels

If you're staying at one of our three fantastic Belfast airport hotels then you're sure to need directions. This page provides links to the Belfast airport hotels directions page.

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Longitude -6.21760
Latitude    54.66240

Belfast International Address

Belfast International,
Belfast International Airport,
BT29 4AB

Belfast hotels: The options

On airport hotels: These are within the airport grounds, so transfer times to the terminal are quick. The Park Plaza Belfast Airport is within walking distance of the terminal. Staying on-airport means you'll be able to sleep in that little longer.

Off airport hotels: Usually less expensive than on-airport hotels, off-airport hotels are outside the airport grounds but won't be more than a few miles away. They usually provide you with transport to the airport for free or at a reduced rate. Two of our off-airport hotel at Belfast airport are the Hilton Templepatrick Belfast Airport and the Holiday Inn Express Antrim.

Belfast hotels with parking: You can include parking with your hotel stay, either at the hotel or at one of our secured car parks. If you park in the hotel's car park, you'll drive to the hotel, leave your car there and then collect it when you return from holiday. When you park at one of our secured car parks, the car park will either be within the airport grounds or just a few miles outside. It is worth having a look at our Belfast hotels with parking as you may only pay the same price or less than you would pay for just parking alone.

Room-only bookings: If you're not driving to the airport, don't worry, we haven't forgotten you. We sell hotel rooms that don't include a parking booking.

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Directions to each Belfast Airport Hotels

Belfast Hampton by Hilton Directions | Map and Directions
Directions to Hampton by Hilton near Belfast Airport. This page also features an interactive map which allows you to zoom in and out for a clear view of the airport and surrounding area.

Belfast Hilton Hotel Directions | Belfast Airport
Directions for the Belfast Hilton Hotel - just a short distance from Belfast Airport. Address: Belfast Hilton Templepatrick Hotel and Country Club, Castle Upton Estate, Templepatrick, County Antrim, N.Ireland.

Belfast Holiday Inn Express Antrim Hotel Directions
Directions for the Holiday Inn Express Antrim Hotel - just a short distance from Belfast Airport. Address: Holiday Inn Express Antrim, Junction 1 Leisure Park, Ballymena Road, Antrim, Country Antrim, BT41 4LL.

Belfast Maldron Hotel Directions | Belfast Airport
Directions and Map for the Belfast airport Maldron Hotel. Address: The Maldron Hotel, Belfast International Airport, Belfast BT29 4ZY.